Team Category: Lingua Bear

Carroll Wallace

Carroll is a firm believer in interdisciplinary education and the arts as a progressive and instrumental tool in society. Her work and on-going curiosity include: Expression. Language. Informal Education. Movement Arts. Innovation. History. Politics. Ethics. Acting. Think-Tanks. History. Writing. Music. Laughing. Performance Art. Research. Film. Development. Creativity. Studying. Sports. Viola. Knowledge Exchange. Arts & Sciences…. Read more »

Sean O’Leary

Sean has 20+ years of experience and operates Celtic Engineering Solutions. He has designed a mock circulation system that flew on two space shuttle missions (STS-85 and STS-95), has developed pressure displays for use in medical research, and worked on various DARPA projects including Anti-RPG systems, HITL simulations of active armor and target recognition and… Read more »

Alfredo Gonzalez

Alfredo Gonzalez is a Mexican Congressman and the owner of Peluches Alacrán, the factory where the Lingua Bear toy is fitted with electronic components and sewn. They are based in Xonacatlán, Mexico, a community located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains west of Mexico City. This small though vibrant town has made a… Read more »


KNHO Film is a small production company based in Salt Lake City, owned and operated by Mike Eldredge. They helped us create our fundraising video pro bono and we plan on working with them on future projects. After graduating from film school in 2011, Mike quickly found himself working in the film industry as a… Read more »

Aaron Garrett

Aaron is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Utah Nonprofit Legal Services. He graduated from the William & Mary Law School in 2009 and served as the Editor-in-Chief of the William & Mary Law Review. For the first four years of his legal career, Aaron worked for a commercial litigation boutique law firm. In 2013,… Read more »

Tatyana Golub

Tatyana Evgenievna Golub is a translator, consultant, and sound engineer for Lingua Bear, as well as the female speaker for the Moscow dialect. She is a longtime participant in the project, and has played a key role in its development. During the initial stage of the project, she was responsible for sewing the Lingua Bear… Read more »