Andrei Golub

Andrei Golub was born in the Soviet Union and immigrated to the US in 1989. Before commencing this project, he studied languages and linguistics at the University of Utah, worked in Europe as a language teacher, and was a National Volunteer Advisory Committee member in Peace Corps Paraguay. He loves learning languages by living in the communities where they are spoken but understands that we don’t always have that luxury. He created Lingua Bear so that people could familiarize themselves with more than just the usual international languages and develop a vested interest in our collective cultural and linguistic preservation. His role involves guiding the design and production of the Lingua Bear toy as well as coordinating programming efforts for Lingua Bear.

“I value the expertise of our board and am looking for new members who can help us advance our efforts. I understand that our success has to do with empowering people to become advocates for their own linguistic and cultural heritage.”